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It’s very important to assure proper management and control over development of all scope of tasks for a successful project activity. Exactly Project Management is used for this purpose - this involves using of your own or external knowledge, of practical skills and abilities, of informative, technical and other tools in order to meet and/or exceed client’s expectations in a particular project.

These days project management has turned to an independent trend of management activities and got its own methodology and tools. Introduction of email messages, that help control all aspects of activity of a performing group or a whole enterprise in one informative space, played a major role.

Intasker system is exactly such a complex solution


With its help you will be able to easily manage all your tasks (both work related and personal), control your team activities and achieve more at minimum cost of time and resources!

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The product we offer has numerous tools for project management, including all the necessary functionalities for regular team members as well as for managers, auditors, clients and other interested individuals. The special thing about Intasker and its key feature that makes it stand out against competitors is the opportunity to invite an unlimited number of users to one work environment. And you will be able to grant each of them individual access permission to particular project parts.

The cost of project management software, Intasker, is only €15, that is also one of its key features against other similar solutions. Moreover each new user gets a chance to check all Intasker opportunities for their work totally for free - for that you will have 1 month of free access to all numerous functionalities of the system. You don’t need to pay for an unknown product - try it at first hand, learn the offered tools and make a really well-considered decision afterwards!

How can project management help your team?

Adding a multi-functional and informative management system to your project activities will assure a wide range of benefits, when using it right of course. The main beneficial aspects of using such tools can be as follows:

  • A possibility to clearly define responsibilities of each team member.

    A possibility to clearly define responsibilities of each team member.

    As the result all the present tasks will be equally allocated to the available human resource.

  • Control over performers’ workload and productivity.

    Control over performers’ workload and productivity.

    The tools of Intasker system allow you to see at any time, what progress each team member has and how efficiently they use their working time.

  • A possibility to change area of responsibility.

    A possibility to change area of responsibility.

    You can promptly change responsible individuals for particular tasks by using the online project management software which includes such functionalities as general chat room and other communication means.

The main thing that the project management software will give to your team is an opportunity to get a cloud based tool for controlling and managing all desired goals and project tasks. As the result team productivity increases and hence the profit.

Why do we need project management?

The data of the international researches, conducted by the American Project Management Institute, shows that practical use of project management tools and technologies allows to essentially increase efficiency of such an activity:

  • the enterprises with great experience of project management more often achieve their goals at 250%;
  • more than 60% of the enterprises, that took part in the research, confirm their benefits from using such tools;
  • the interest of the enterprises, that introduce modern project management software simple to their work, is increasing each year.

Therefore, using such systems is required not only to increase your own efficiency, but also to remain competitive in your area. Then new clients and orders will appear, and as the result your profit will grow.

As most experts believe, using traditional management tools at the present time cannot assure appropriate efficiency due to a great number of tasks and ongoing processes. It is almost impossible to control all project stages and work of all team members, to quickly respond to changing operational environment and intermediate results without a functional cloud based system. Intasker is developed exactly for this purpose.

Advantages of project management software for your work

  • Optimization of all the projects your team handles
  • A more efficient and wise allocation of all the necessary resources - financial, technical, human etc. Prevention of overspendings of the available funds
  • Improving efficiency of planning and risk management
  • A possibility to precisely control project timelines and progress of task development, and to prevent delays
  • A possibility to timely discover projects that are in fact impossible to be done in the given timeframes. This will help avoid paying cancellation fees to the clients and prevent overuse of resources for untargeted tasks
  • Automation of report information preparation
  • Saving manager’s working time through immediate access to all the needed information, to communication means, calendar, reports and other tools
  • Collaboration with all team members in real time
  • Simplification of document flow and report preparation, as well as general quality increase of project execution

Intasker is a highly efficient tool that provides all the functionalities you require. Its use will help improve general efficiency of your team operations as well as individual productivity of each team member. And in order to get access to all capabilities of project management software you pay only from €15 - this would be the best offer at the modern market of PM-systems!

Modern methods of project management

In modern project management a lot of methods of different kinds are used, each has its own special characteristics. A choice of a particular approach should be made individually in each case taking into account project nature. However, we can single out the most common management techniques that are applied in solving a wide range of project tasks. They are the follows:

  • Classical approach

    Classical approach

    It’s based on dividing one project into sequential tasks. In order to get to fulfilling the next stage, you need to be absolutely done with the previous one. This method is applied to those projects, where such a compliance with sequential activities is a must. An advantage of the classical approach is that an end project goal is set from the very beginning, this simplifies planning and increases consistency of a project execution process. At the same time this method doesn’t allow any modifications, which makes its use in the modern project sphere limited.

  • Agile


    This is an entire group of flexible management methods, that uses practice of dividing one project into separate mini-projects and of their concurrent development. By using outcome of sub-projects you can get the needed final result faster. Besides, family of Agile methods allows to modify the tasks without affecting productivity and work process. Being so popular Agile still remains not a particular project management methodology, but a set of management principles and ideas, that is why each team can fully adapt it to their needs.

  • Scrum


    Being Agile-based and created in 1986 this flexible framework has clear and convenient structure. It combines advantages of classical structured approach and flexibility of modern methods, which guarantees using wide range of Scrum functionalities when handling all types of projects. Same as in traditional Agile, project management with the help of Scrum method requires dividing them into several subtasks. Depending on the priority of a particular task they are put together into a 2-4-week sprints, and after each sprint a client gets an intermediate result of what has already been done in their project. Afterwards the next sprint begins.

  • Lean


    This methodology further develops Agile and Scrum principles by adding a separate set of stages to dividing a project into independent tasks. In other words, each subtask gets its own execution stages. In this case none of the stages has fixed boundaries, e.g. as in Scrum, where each sprint has to meet a strict deadline. A possibility to fulfill a few task chains at the same time differs Lean from a classical sequential approach. However this can lead to delaying a project if management is used in a wrong manner. Besides this method suggests a thorough study of each task, even of the ones that can be solved without it.

  • Kanban


    This is a project management method from the specialists of Toyota company. A ‘supermarket principle’ distinguishes it - all tasks, even suspended ones, are visible same as product rages on shop shelves. As for the time limitation for tasks development, division of responsibilities and so on, Kanban is much more democratic than Scrum, Lean and others. Here the main units of project execution are workflow stages which are presented in columns and show cards with tasks. The number of tasks for each stage is limited to the project conditions, thus it is easy to track which task is being delayed.



    It is the main project management method used in government institutions of Great Britain and in many other European (and not only) states. It combines a classical linear approach and a system of quality improvement which allows to achieve higher rates at each stage. This management technique is great for projects where it’s crucial to secure continuous control due to a threat of big losses in case of a negative result. At the same time it is not recommended to use it for projects with a large degree of uncertainty. Also its use in flexible projects creates strict division of roles and responsibilities.

The project management system Intasker provides a possibility to use Agile and Scrum techniques. This makes it a good fit for a wide range of tasks and areas of activities!

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