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Intasker is an easy-to-use, effective and productive team management software that will help essentially increase your team’s efficiency at work.

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Who can use Intasker?

The special thing about Intasker, a system for team project management, is its commitment to practical use while fulfilling certain tasks. We took into account nature of activities of different specialists while creating its tools, and namely of:

  • project managers
  • marketing specialists
  • HR-managers
  • designers
  • web developers
  • IT-specialists
  • SEO- and SMM-specialists
  • engineering
  • business owners and etc


Intasker is aimed to be used in many fields, e.g. for task management for teams in any industry. An opportunity of customization allows to adapt functionality and work environment to a particular user’s needs.

Intasker was founded in 2017 and more than 400 companies have registered with us so far
100 000+
As of yet more than 100 000 tasks have been created by our users
50 000+
More than 50 000 tasks have been completed successfully already
× 200%
The number of users, projects and tasks is constantly increasing.

Advantages of Intasker - why are we better than others?

Full access only from 10 €
for this amount you will get access to all available tools and opportunities of Intasker without any limit
Unlimited users
We don't charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same.
Financial accounting
Control funds spendings for fulfilling any task, create and manage project budgets, analyze financial indicators right in the Intasker interface
Multilingual interface
Use our product with every comfort by setting your working language
A possibility of using Agile and Scrum methodology
Flexible approach to development and is based on direct collaboration and communication with the client
Gantt charts support
It’s an informative tool illustrating a project plan, schedule and management.

In order to start working with Intasker you don’t need to have much time and money - you will be able to make your work much more efficient within a very short period of time. Our interface is so user-friendly, any of your employees will learn it quickly, even if they haven’t come across any CRM systems or similar solutions before. Moreover, each member of a project team will get a possibility to adjust the work area to their needs and desires. All these special features make the project management with the help of Intasker more effective, pleasant and vivid for both performer and client.


Actual benefits of using Intasker, a team management software

Management of tasks and team members’ activity in real time
You will be able to see who and at what time works at a particular task. Match this data with work schedule to meet deadlines and to prevent delays. If needed, set the email notifications - this way you won’t miss any important changes and events. Select the most appropriate way of submitting reports, whether it should be on a daily basis or after the tasks are completed, whether presented online on the website or sent to email address. Follow each team members’ activity, their actions and work time efficiency.
Multi-language settings including regional parameters
Wherever you are, you will be able to enjoy using Intasker in your native language. Besides, each member of your project team can individually select a language version and time zone, which is really convenient for a multinational group
Team project management 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
You can get access to your work environment and all management functionalities at any time and in any place. All you need is the Internet. Quickly and effectively change team composition, re-assign duties, responsibilities and access permissions of any project member. Set deadlines for fulfilling certain tasks and batches, edit them in real-time mode both day and night. Reduce the number of performers for simple tasks and appoint employees to be responsible for more complicated jobs. Estimate your team workload and analyze its activity. In order to make a point you may create individual icons and status for each task.
One secure space to store your ideas and suggestions, documents and files, and to communicate with the whole team
All the needed information regarding the project and its tasks can be now stored in one place. Manage client database and orders, issue invoices and control payments without using any external apps. Moreover, Intasker allows you to track the chronology of all modifications and submitted proposals. You also get an opportunity to create an unlimited number of tasks and projects in one account - this surely will help you organize all your activities. And, each separate work stage can be followed by adding individual discussions and comments, links and documents.
Best conditions for working with clients
The service we offer is an effective collaborative tool that allows the client to directly get the information about progress of current tasks and a whole project as well as leave comments and take part in discussions. You can effectively settle any disputes and make your work crystal clear. Each client of yours will get access to common goals and tasks with optimum set of tools - nothing extra, just what they require.
Individual interface settings
Each user can configure information display of a project to their preferences:
  • lists;
  • time frames;
  • visual charts;
  • dashboard with tasks;
  • status sorting.
Moreover, each user of Intasker gets their individual tool set depending on status and access permissions.
Keeping track of personal and corporate finances
Intasker, a team management software, provides easy-to-use tools for working with funds:
  • Issuing invoices and controlling incoming payments;
  • Showing payments to your team members;
  • Recording spendings for project execution;
  • Budgeting various tasks;
  • Support of multicurrency;
  • You can also create and maintain an unlimited number of operating accounts, and transfer money from one account to another, which is really convenient;
  • You can appoint different responsible employees for each account and grant individual access permissions to them;
  • Setting limits for transferring and withdrawing money.
Also, you get all the necessary functions about analysis of spendings and visual presentation of their structure.
Tasks list
Recording all tasks and projects in the Intasker system will help you not miss any job and its stage. Create unlimited number of tasks, select performers with corresponding access rights for each task, control how efficiently the employees perform their duties. You can get detailed information about progress and revision history of each task. Control KPIs and meeting deadlines - and estimate overall working efficiency of each performer and a whole project team.
Event calendar
Thanks to the online software for task and project management, Intasker, you will always have at hand a detailed calendar plan of goals and tasks you and your team have. Divide work time, appoint responsible team members and control sequence of projects execution. And, with an option of automatic email and interface notifications you won’t miss any meeting.
Mobile version - managing tasks and projects twenty-four seven
You can access Intasker using your smartphone or tablet - this enables team management at any time and from any part of the world.
Gantt charts
It’s an informative and easy way of providing information based on charts and schemes. With the help of these diagrams you can fix in one information field both sequence and progress of each task in a project, and they also protect you against mistakes while dividing work time and appointing responsible performers.

Try for free!

Each new client has an opportunity to check for free special features and benefits of Intasker, a software for team management. During this period of time you won’t need to pay anything, and still you will get access to all the tools we offer. Take this chance to try our product and see its value for your work - then make a well-considered decision, whether you’d like to get a paid subscription.

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