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Project activities are always associated with certain time restrictions - for execution of the entire project, for completion of its separate batches, for presenting achieved results to the client and so on.

In this regard it’s very important to secure tracking of work time that your team members spend for completing particular tasks. Such option is offered by the project management software Intasker - you will find there all necessary tools for a detailed analysis of employees’ logging, for setting timelines of different stages and tasks as well as for controlling the deadlines.

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What is work tracking?

One of the key methods of control of your team productivity is work tracking. First of all, this includes estimated time that an employee actually spent working, and it is needed for various tasks:

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    Monitoring of compliance with the labour laws and terms of the agreement

  • Intasker

    Calculation of salary

  • Intasker

    Estimation of actual time spending for a particular project

Employee’s work track can be fulfilled with the help of various means. Nowadays many enterprises take advantage of pass system: when coming to work an employee is registered in a specialized system with the help of a digital access card. However this approach is good only for the companies where employees work right within the employer’s territory. For those who need to arrange collaborative work remotely, which is required in particular for project activities, digital work trackers are the best solution - exactly this service is provided by Intasker.

With the help of Intasker you can:

  • Track any team member’s logging

  • See work progress

  • Monitor meeting the given time frames

All information is presented in a visual and easy-to-use form. This simplifies not only up-to-date records, but also complex analytics of productivity of the entire team and its individual members.

Worker management software - check Intasker for free!

The product we offer is an entire set of useful tools that will help arrange effective collaboration with the unlimited number of employees regardless their location. By using Intasker you will be able to effectively solve all tasks, starting with planning activity and ending with analytics of intermediate and final results. Moreover you can check all solutions and options of our system without paying any EUR!

Each new user, who registers with the Intasker system, gets 1 month of free trial. Within this period all tools and functions, that our developers have introduced, are active and this lets you see for yourself all benefits of our services exactly for your activity. And then you will be able to make a well-considered and impersonal decision about ordering the system for your further use.

It is important to note that Intasker is much more available than most of the competitors. The cost of a paid account is from €10! For this amount you get a wide range of practical tools, an option of creating an unlimited number of tasks as well as of intiving any number of employees to collaborate!

Tracking of the time that employees spend for completing assigned tasks is important for companies in any industry, since it influences many conditions of increase in operating efficiency:

  • Increase in performers’ productivity

  • Normalization and increase of efficiency of work schedule

  • General rate increase of profit margin of the tasks

  • Observing work discipline

  • Allocation of current tasks between performers

  • Impersonal calculation of salary

Also opposite aspects should be taken into account when recording work time - strictly norm-based parameters and influence of acts of God along with human factor.

Only impersonal monitoring of the time spent for work (both quantitative and qualitative) can ensure taking into account all of the above mentioned conditions. And with the help of Intasker system you will be able to guarantee such an all-around control over efficiency of work time use. At any time it’s possible to estimate the scope of the done work, to see how soon the deadlines are and how busy each member of the project team is - and if needed you could then re-assign tasks between performers in order to prevent delays.

Intasker solutions for work time tracking

By using the tools of our system you will be able to ensure precise tracking of your employees’ time. Here is what Intasker has to offer:

  • Set deadlines for each task and batch, make hierarchic ToDo-lists, build Gantt charts allowing to graphically estimate their time frames. Also, deadlines can be duplicated in the calendar which is built right in the system

  • You can set estimated delivery times for each task when adding it, and timely change them

  • You can add comments to each task specifying how many hours were spent for its completion

  • You can build activity chart for each employee, it will show planned and actual time spent for a particular task. The system takes data from the users’ comments, summarizes them and turns into charts. In case several employees completed a particular batch, you can then visually see the time spent by all of them together and by each of them separately.

Notice that all these functionalities are aimed at practical use and do not require any specific knowledge. You can get all needed information about workload and work efficiency of your employees literally by clicking a mouse just a few times!

Intasker unique traits

The main special thing is a wide range of options and solutions that our product offers to all your team members.

And this is not only track hours worked, but also effective planning, current check of work, human resource management, analytics and reporting.

Besides, here are more unique traits of Intasker:

  • Intasker

    A possibility to invite an unlimited number of co-performers

    A separate timezone can be set for each of them

  • Intasker

    Affordable price

    In order to get full access to all functionalities you don't need to pay. New users have a chance to check all options and capabilities of Intasker in real for free

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    No restrictions upon the number of created tasks

    This helps make the plan of project execution as detailed as possible!

Testimonials of Intasker users

Here is what our users say, the ones who’ve already checked all benefits of the service we offer:

  • I was able to build my perfect project team with the help of Intasker! At any time I can see who’s actually working and who’s being idle

  • Time tracking is one of the key tasks of any top manager. And thanks to Intasker it became much easier - I can get all needed information literally within 1 minute!

  • We are happy with using Intasker, especially we like the possibility to work online both from PC and smartphone. We’ve transferred almost all of our activities there and the productivity improved!

  • A very useful service, it’s clear and user-friendly. As a manager I’m especially glad to enjoy an opportunity of tracking time, seeing worklog, building reports easily and visualizing ToDo-lists into useful charts

  • Graphic charts for staff are vivid, detailed and it’s really easy to estimate overall work efficiency with their help

The first month is absolutely free!

If you’d like to personally make sure in wide range of possibilities of our product, then just register and get 1 month of free access without any limits on functionalities. Check Intasker features in different tasks, including in work time tracking. Make sure it has a diversity of offered tools and try them in your real activities, and afterwards you will be able to make a well-considered rational decision about buying access which price is from EUR 15!

Intasker today:

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    Intasker project was founded in 2017 and more than 400 companies have registered with us so far

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    Our users have created more than 100 000 so far

  • 50 000+

    More than 50 000 tasks have been completed successfully

  • × 200%

    The number of users, projects and tasks is constantly increasing

And these numbers are growing. Join our vast audience that has already checked all capabilities of our product, including employees’ time tracking! Check a complex approach to project management!