Employee monitoring software

The success of corporate work of all team members significantly depends on a level of devotion of each employee. Only when each employee fulfills their part of work, a final complex result will be full, of high quality and will correspond to the initial goals. However, for this purpose control over the work of employees has to be ensured, and it’s really important if working with performers remotely. Otherwise, it may happen that because of the lack of control the employees pay not enough time to their direct duties. As a result team productivity decreases, deadlines are delayed, profits reduce./p>

A correctly arranged control over employees is able to resolve this problem. This isn’t some particular action, this is a complex of tasks ensuring efficiency of monitoring of work process, clarity of reports and many other valuable aspects. The most convenient way of arranging an effective and easy process of monitoring the activity of employees is to integrate into the work a specialized software with an option of online access, that will allow to get objective information about work progress and results of employees at any time.

Why is control of employees needed?

This question is sort of rhetorical, however one has to find an answer that will become a motivation to integrate into their activity new and handy tools for monitoring work efficiency of employees.

Here are just a few of the advantages that are ensured by using such tools:

  • Increase of work productivity of all team members - specifying tasks, their deadlines and ongoing monitoring of their completion will become direct motivation for employees. As a result the work of your team will get more organized and efficient..
  • Normalization and optimization of work schedule - employee monitoring software helps distribute all current tasks among them and prevent some employees from having idle time and other ones from being too overloaded. If during work process there turns out to be a delay in some areas, a manager will be able to immediately connect additional performers to resolving problem tasks.
  • General increase of profitability of the tasks - this is caused by optimization of employees’ workload, preventive measures against their inefficiency, effective distribution and setting of tasks. Successful monitoring of employees also excludes situations, when an employee deals with some external tasks. As a result, all of the above positively influences your team’s productivity and allows to achieve more in less time, hence leads to increase of profit.
  • Objective calculation of salaries - employee monitoring software allows to really accurately define what amount of money should be paid to each employee. It’s very important for piece work, when a performer gets paid for each completed task. The use of digital tools, that show all statistics and the scope of fulfilled work, helps not miss any task and define total workload of each employee for a reporting period. Thus each team member gets a salary corresponding to the scope of work completed by them. And, this is also a motivation to increase the efficiency of work.
  • Distribution of current tasks among the performers - project activity differs thanks to its dynamism, its stages constantly change, new ones are added. That’s why a manager has to have a possibility to immediately respond to all such changes and to re-distribute the scope of work between team members. It’s convenient to do at a computer in digital form - this way no task will be missed and no employees will be overloaded.
  • Compliance with work discipline - this issue is particularly pointed when arranging remote work. A manager has to know how much time an employee spends working, because it influences the general work productivity and rationality of salary assignment. In simple terms, employee monitoring software prevents some employees from getting the free ride.

At the same time such a control will be useful not only for management, but for employees themselves. First of all, this is a chance to set an individual work schedule which is really convenient, if a manager and a performer are located in different time zones. Second of all, this is the best possible tool for arranging efficient remote work that will release you from the need of being in traffic jams on the way to the office and back home and will allow to arrange your work process in the most convenient way. Thirdly, it’s possible to get in touch with a manager quickly, which is indeed very important if any difficulties in work emerge. Besides, when using tools for controlling the work process one may effectively draw the line between work and private life.

Advantages of Intasker in control over employees

Intasker service offers a full list of necessary tools for effective control over work activity. This is a complex solution for managing work of teams of any size, small and big. A key feature of the service is a chance to invite to team work an unlimited number of performers regardless of their location in the world. And control over employees with the help of Intasker tools allows to create the best possible working conditions for each team member.

One more definite advantage of this service lays in a possibility to create any number of tasks and to assign a separate performer to each of them. Thanks to this option, no work stage will be missed. Moreover, the system allows to visualize all scope of current work along with illustrating scope of some tasks and time left for their completion. Such a visual monitoring helps timely reveal problem stages and possible delays of deadlines, and re-distribute workload between the performers if needed. Besides, this will help reveal the employees with the highest work productivity and hence increase efficient use of available human resources.

For all that, Intasker differs thanks to its availability and user-friendliness. Each new user gets 1 month of promo-access and can use all the tools included in the system. Moreover, you may check them all on your real work - create and resolve not imaginary tasks, but the ones you have to do

Options of Intasker in control over employees

Below are some of Intasker options related to monitoring work of employees:

  • Personal distribution of tasks - for each stage of work you assign a separate performer who will get a chance to report about the work done. Moreover, such a distribution simplifies the process of control over work efficiency
  • Tracking systems - you can follow the duration of how long it took to complete each task and a whole project
  • An option of seeing activity of any team member - Intasker offers a possibility to control work efficiency of all performers. Analyze how much time was devoted to work, how long it took to complete a particular task, how active an employee in charge was while discussing it
  • Control the process of tasks completion - a special principle of illustrating the current scope of work allows to arrange monitoring of efficiency when at any time you may see work in progress of each task and how quickly it’s being completed
  • Control over time lines - this is an option for a project manager to prevent missing deadlines and delays, to effectively allocate employees in charge for speeding up work when the tasks are being delayed

Try for free all the options that are offered by Intasker service!