Terms of Use

When using intasker.com (the ‘Site’) you agree to follow the Terms of Use (the ‘Terms’’).

The self-employed individual Lubchenko Alexey (the ‘Service’) reserves the right to update and to modify the current Terms with notification of every active user in 30-90 business days in advance, depending on importance and urgency of updates and modifications implementation.

Violation of any of the below given terms may result in the removal of your user account and the companies you purchased.

Terms of Using the Site

  1. You are directly responsible for the safety of your user account and password as well as for the content you post.
  2. The Service can not and shall not be liable for any and all loss and damage due to your failure to comply with obligations of keeping your account safe, as well as for any harm the content you post may cause to the third parties.
  3. You are responsible for any and all content posted in your account as well as for any and all actions happening under your account (even if the content is added by other users who have their own logins under your user account).
  4. You are not allowed to use the Site for any illegal actions which break the third party rights and the laws of your jurisdiction.
  5. It is enough to provide your valid email address for registration.
  6. Only one person can use your login - one and the same login can not be used by several users.
  7. At the same time you can create separate user accounts for any number of people. Any number of companies can be purchased under one user account.
  8. You must be a real person. Accounts created by ‘bots’ or by any other automatic tools are forbidden.

Terms of Site Usage

You can get access to your data at the Site by giving us your consent to the terms hereof:

  1. You clearly understand and agree that the Service is not liable for any and all losses you may suffer as a result of using the Site.
  2. Due to abusive or too often use of the Site via your user account the access to it may be temporarily or permanently suspended.
  3. The cases of abusive and too often use of the Site are considered by the Service at his discretion. The Service will certainly attempt to warn the user account owner via email that the access to their account may be suspended.

Terms of Payment, Refund Policy

  1. The service is provided along with the opportunity to have a testing free trial within 30 days. Further use of the Site is possible after paying a deposit for it.
  2. The payment wasn't made upon the expiry of the paid period of the Site use, your company will be blocked, your user account will remain valid. You will be able to enter the website anytime, pay for purchase of a new company or extend your blocked company, or enter any other company by another user's invitation.
  3. Refunds are issued in accordance with our fair refund policy, meaning that each case is considered by the Service individually.

Procedures of Company and User Account Blocking

  1. The user account is removed from the Site only upon a written user’s inquiry via email.
  2. The company can be removed from the Site only upon a written owners’s inquiry by email.
  3. The purchased companies remain active within the whole period of payment.
  4. In case the user asks the Service in their written inquiry to remove both their account and the paid companies, the Service removes all.
  5. You have a right to suspend or to close your account and to refuse any current or future use of the Site for any reason at any time.
  6. The Service can take a unilateral decision to stop delivering the service hereunder, which will result in deactivating or removing the access to your company. The Service reserves the right to refuse serving any user for any reason and at any time.
  7. The Service can block the user account in case:
    1. the user breaks the terms hereof;
    2. the user sends an email to the Service enquiring to remove their account.
  8. In any other cases the user account remains active.
  9. At the moment of User Account Blocking, the Service instantly informs the user by email about it.
  10. At the moment of Сompany Blocking, the Service instantly informs the company's owner by email about it.
  11. The Service blocks the company when:
    1. the user breaks the terms hereof;
    2. there is no payment from the user.
  12. If a free company isn't active within 6 months, the Service informs the company's owner by email about automatic removal of the company and all data (beyond repair) in 10 days in advance.
  13. If a paid company is not paid for within 6 months, the Service informs the company's owner by email about automatic removal of the company and all data (beyond repair) in 10 days in advance.
  14. In any other cases the company remains active.

Modification of the Site Services and Prices for Services

  1. The Service reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate any part of the Site at any time and with or without notice to the users.
  2. The prices for the services may be a subject to change after prior notice from the Service 30 days before new rates are applied. Such a notification may be posted at the Site intasker.com at any time.
  3. The Service is not liable to you or any third part for any price modification, for suspense or termination of rendering the services.

Copyright and Ownership of Content

  1. All content that is published at the Site must conform to legislation of the USA about the Copyright Act.
  2. We do not demand any intellectual property rights for the content you publish at the Site. All the uploaded information/content/files are your property.
  3. The Service does not preview the content, however he reserves the right (but not an obligation) to refuse or delete any content available at the Site at his discretion.

General Terms

  1. You use the services delivered by the Site at your own risk.
  2. The Service provides technical support via email only.
  3. You agree that the Service uses the services of the third parties and partners when using hosting, computer software, networks, storage systems and associated technologies needed for starting the Site.
  4. You can not copy, reproduce or use any part of the Site without the Service’s written consent.
  5. The Service reserves the right to delete content and user accounts that at his opinion are illegal, or break the intellectual property of any party or the terms hereof.
  6. All data is transmitted only over a secure channel with the help of SSl certificate. All the data is stored in an encrypted form and is encrypted using OPENSSL technology.
  7. You agree that technical processing of your content may be transmitted in clear and may include: (a) transmission through various networks; (b) modifications in order to correspond to and to adjust to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices.
  8. We’d like to draw your attention to the following technical point: when the number of your uploaded files reduces the space at the Site making it impossible to work further, you won’t be able to continue using it until you delete the extra files and free up space for adding new ones.
  9. In such cases, before to take any actions we turn to the account owner, except in very rare cases when their use of the Site may negatively impact other users’ experience.
  10. The Service does not guarantee that (i) the service will correspond to your specific requirements, (ii) the service will be seamless, safe or error-free, (iii) the results that you may get while using the service will be precise or reliable, (iv) the quality of any products, services, information or other stuff, purchased or received by you through the Site, will meet your expectations, and (v) any errors at the Site will be corrected.
  11. In case of maintenance works the Service will inform the Site users by email at least 3 days in advance.
  12. Implementation of new features doesn’t interrupt the Site functioning.
  13. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is not liable for any and all direct or indirect losses, goodwill, data usage or any other non-material damage (even if the Company was informed about the possibility of such damage) as a result of: (i) use or impossibility of use of the service; (ii) unauthorized access to or modification of your data; (iii) or any other issue regarding the service.
  14. The terms of rendering the services represent the full agreement between you and the Service, and govern your use of the Site replacing any previous agreements between you and the Company.
  15. Any questions about the terms of rendering the services hereunder should be sent to support@intasker.com.
  16. Any new functions that complement or improve the services hereunder, including production of new tools and resources, are governed by the Terms of service.
  17. By continuing to use the Site after any of such modifications, you agree to and accept them.