Agile project management in Intasker

Agile is nowadays the most popular among all project management methods. With the help of its principles and methodology large-scale programs and applications are developed, effective work of all types of teams is organized, and it becomes possible to quickly achieve the desired result thanks to easy planning of its final characteristics.

And project management software Intasker offers you a chance to introduce Agile software into your activity! Check all the advantages of this modern approach to management!

What is Agile?

Agile is more than just management techniques. It includes a huge set of flexible project methods that is widely used during development of all types of projects, their execution and management.

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    As of yet Agile has proved to be effective in all areas, starting with software and web development and ending with banking and production areas.

    This management tool is the most effective for arranging activity of teams of small and medium sizes. The main special thing about Agile approach is a possibility to invite all relevant individuals to collaborate on a project - and still each of them is an independant specialist with their individual area of activities and interests. This allows not to limit performers’ activity only to manager’s instructions but let them do their work with more freedom of action.

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    And still the project execution in Agile process is divided into separate sprints and each sprint has its own final result.

    Like separate structural units they build a final product of the entire project. Agile not only offers more solutions for project management, but also allows to effectively plan it, timely make changes to tasks content, re-assign available resources and prevent delays upon every sub-task. Team members who work using Agile have a special status.

Each of them is in fact an independent specialist who completes a certain part of the project and this part matches their professional skills. In particular this is a way to unite work of developers, designers, QA engineers, content managers and other specialists who deal with website and web applications development. Each member of such a team will have their own interests and will take care of corresponding tasks. And eventually, when everybody completes their tasks, a final result will be prepared.

Description of Agile in simple terms

One more important feature of Agile is a possibility to complete a complex task non-linearly. By integrating flexible project management methodologies you will be able to fulfill several sprints at the same time and not to start the next one only after finishing the previous. This essentially increases both team productivity and speed of its work.

  • Focusing all activities on client’s goals and needs

  • Simplification of organisational structure of management processes - when using Agile you may refuse complicated multilevel team structure

  • Arranging the work in the form of short cycles, and after each cycle is finished intermediate results are made

  • Broadening the powers of employees

  • Active feedback communication. The work using Agile methods enables active communication of all team members, client and other relevant individuals.

  • No strict methodological frames

As experts say, Agile is more than just a management methodology. This is a way of thinking and working, it’s a kind of philosophy which is based on humanistic opinions. And indeed it’s effective, and Intasker system will help you see it for yourself in practice!

Intasker - a fully-featured Agile system for your team

The service we offer represents an easy-to-use and effective project management system where Agile methodology is fully implemented. Here are only a few things to prove this fact:

  • You can invite to the project as many performers as needed without any number limit

  • A wide project structure with a detailed list of tasks given to performers lets easily and effectively manage team activity, timely adjust particular sprints, follow whether the given timelines and deadlines are met - same as Agile principles require

  • When executing a project you may create any number of tasks required for achieving a desired result - this is similar to cycles used in Agile methodology

  • The users can quickly connect with each other by means of a built-in chat, comments and discussions

An important special feature of working in Intasker is a possibility to create optimal conditions for activity for each member of your team.

Configure access permissions to the required sections, assign necessary responsibilities for an employee and as a result create the most appropriate work environment for them! In this case your team members won’t get distracted by tasks and processes where they don’t take part, and instead they will fully go into their professional area.

This will help completely unlock performer’s potential, ensure extended duties to them and provide a chance for an independent work - this also fully corresponds to the Agile approach!

Try working in Intasker for free!

The developers of project management system Intasker implemented a wide range of practical tools which, as required by Agile methodology, allow control almost each aspect of project activities.

Here you can:

  • Get access to all sprints and tasks

  • See work in progress

  • Estimate workload of your team members

  • Monitor efficiency of work time tracking

  • Ensure communication between all project members

  • Individually configure access permission and set of tools for each performer

Intasker offers you a really flexible system for managing your activities, and it fully matches Agile approach. And you can try all these features just for free!

Each new user gets a promo-access to the fully-featured functionalities of Intasker for 1 month. This is not just an advertising trick but a great opportunity to check all special features and advantages of our product in your activities.

And afterwards you will be ready to make a well-considered decision about whether numerous development tools and solutions of our system respond to your tasks and interests - and if yes, then you can proceed to further work with our easy-to-use product!

Advantages of flexible software development

A complex of Agile methods got its growing use in the area of software and various applications development. This is due to the fact that participation of a great number of specialists of all kinds is needed for creating such products. During linear development (when the next sprint starts right after the previous one is completed) it would require appalling time to create one program.

Agile ensures a whole range of advantages:

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    Follow starts and iterations

    By using high-effective planning tools and tools for building a board online, like a free Agile board with tasks

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    Simplify plans of separate cycles and of a whole project

    Agile principles are against complicated work schemes and multilevel systems of subordination of performers and tasks, which positively affects activity and speed of project execution

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    Communicate with other team members in real-time mode

    This allows to timely solve all arising questions and disputes while productivity remains high

Moreover, using flexible methodologies during software development ensures the following advantages:

  • Concurrent work towards several activities

    In particular, working out functionalities and prototyping design

  • Short delivery time

    thanks to completing several tasks in parallel the desired result for a project is achieved quicker

  • Ensuring high quality of a final product

    Each intermediate result after an iteration is always available for testing, which allows to timely detect bugs and omissions

  • Increasing transparency of the work to fulfill

    Flexible methodologies of project management enable giving access to the clients to their project content, intermediate results and other information, which will allow to evaluate your productivity

  • Decrease in risk for a negative result

    All detected bugs are timely eliminated, that is why the next sprints are based on a smoothly running software foundation.

These advantages are able to increase efficiency not only of software development, but also of any other project activities.

And Intasker system, which includes Agile tools, will allow you to use them while you are working.

Ways of using Agile methods with Intasker

Here are some of the possibilities of introducing Agile methodology to your team activities and they are offered by Intasker:

  • Invite a necessary number of co-performers to projects and give them individual access permissions.
  • Set time frames both for the entire project and its separate sprints. This will help divide all scope of a task into separate cycles with intermediate results, as required by Agile.
  • Make for the performers separate sprints in a form of ToDo-lists and follow hierarchy of tasks, work in progress and meeting deadlines right on a visual Gantt chart.
  • Collaborate with other members of your team. Communicate through chat or comments, send files from your PC, Google.Drive or Dropbox.
  • Configure email and Telegram notifications for performers and other employees responsible for particular tasks, which will enable getting in time all information about their tasks being modified.
  • Arrange all activities of your team in sprints with hierarchic list of tasks, timelines of their completion and responsible employees.
  • Visualize a plan of project execution on a Gantt chart. It will display not only priority of sprints, but also their time frames and time left until completion.
  • Add to the project, that is created in Intasker, the actual client and give them access to the required information, which can be either a calendar project plan, work in progress by sprints, intermediate results and so on.

All these options fully match the Agile principles and moreover they are truly effective and easy-to-use.

Users’ testimonials about Intasker

  • I’d like to say thank you to the developers for a really effective, easy-to-use and user-friendly tool! We’ve transferred all our activity to Intasker, and the productivity is the best now!

  • Indeed a very easy-to-use tool and it has many solutions for managing work of the entire team!

  • Great possibilities for arranging work at software development - all you need is always at hand

  • I’m very happy with this system - it has everything I need for monitoring and arranging work of a team of specialists, and you can learn it all within 1 hour


Today Intasker is a rapidly growing service and many users have already checked its features:

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Intasker audience is growing and the offered functionalities are expanding. Join us and try all options of our project management system for free!