Trello vs Asana vs Intasker


More and more types of activity are being transferred to the online environment - the art of project and team management is not an exception. In this regard all kinds of tools are offered that actually represent a virtual work room for each separate user. There they can get tools required for completing their tasks, means for communication with other team members etc. However the set of functions and options differs depending on the product in use. That’s why one has to understand at first what capabilities each service has, and afterwards choose the most appropriate one for themselves.

For your special benefit we’ve decided to compare three popular solutions for arranging team work over projects:

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Intasker

And, as the results of our work show, each of them has its own particularities, yet their value in project management is not the same.

Comparison table

Trello - effective management of work of small teams

This service is based on the project management methodology Kanban, which was created by the Toyota company for managing shipments. Its key features are:

  • For systemizing the workflow special boards are used where the tasks are divided depending on completion criteria: for example, "To Do", "Doing", "Done"
  • According to completion process the task moves through the whole sequence of boards
  • The total number of tags, that can be added to the tasks, is limited to ten
  • You can attach files, documents and links to the tasks pinned on the boards
  • You can assign individual performers to every task
  • For a convenient cooperation between the team members it’s possible to add comments to every task, make checklists, set deadlines for a particular stage

Trello has also some disadvantages which the system got from Kanban - the most important one lays:

  • In inconvenience of use for teams over 5 people

  • Moreover, Trello has almost no options for long term planning of activity. Therefore this service is good for solving immediate tasks

Asana - a handy tool for those who know English

The Asana system was developed by the ex-members of the Facebook team. As compared with Trello, its particularity lays in vast array of separate tools - this is like a Swiss knife for a project manager. Unlike Trello, Asana has a clearer and simple interface. This service is aimed at small teams as well as solo users. The offered tools are good for managing projects of rather small size.


The main principles of effective work in Asana are as follows:

  • A combination of options of major version and mobile app

  • Regular update of tasks status

  • Distribution of tasks to performers and depending on their priority

The tasks in Asana are represented in a form of a tree - parent tasks can have additional sub-tasks. However, such a principle is not always convenient in practice:

  • It’s impossible to estimate the entire scope of work at once

  • Most of additional tasks could be represented in a form of a checklist

At the same time this is a handy way of illustrating a connection between different stages of work.

Intasker - a universal solution for projects of any type and size

  • Intasker

    The project management system Intasker is a multifunctional work tool for a project manager and their entire team as well as for a client of a project and all parties in interest. This is its first essential difference from Trello and Asana - in Intasker one can invite to team work any number of users and performers, whereas products of competitors are less effective when being used by a big team.

  • Intasker

    The tasks are represented there in a form of a list which can be built in accordance with the priority of each stage. The volume of and the time left for completing a particular task are shown graphically - for this purpose Intasker uses visual and easy-in-use Gantt charts. This tool is in demand among managers in all areas, whereby its use in Intasker is free of charge and very simple (the system builds the chart automatically).

  • Intasker

    The developers of the service paid much attention to cooperation of performers. Intasker provides a possibility to exchange comments to any stage of work in real-time mode, add personal comments for a particular user, attach files etc. Besides, one can also configure email notifications to people in charge and supervisors informing them about any change in tasks assigned to them. A special feature of Intasker is that the reports can be automatically sent in Telegram, neither Trello nor Asana offer such an option as they chose standard means of communication.

  • Intasker

    Moreover, flexible options of personalization give Intasker an obvious advantage over Trello and Asana. Each member of your team can set their individual time zone and use either Russian or English version, which makes this service suitable for the work of an international team of performers.

  • Intasker

    One more important feature of Intasker is a possibility to invite to teamwork the actual client of a project. You’ll be able to give them individual access rights so that they could see the needed information.

Pricing Policy

The project management systems in question differ in their prices as well as in the terms of use.

Trello offers three pricing tiers:

  • Free

  • Business

    For $9.99 per month

  • Enterprise

    From $5.92 per user per month

The user of Trello on Free plan gets minimum set of functions which doesn’t allow to use the system for work of a rather big team and for completing projects of big size. Also, you can add to the board with tasks only 1 improvement, e.g. calendar, automation functions or integration with other apps. The possibilities of automation of management are also low. In order to get wider range of options one has to upgrade to a paid plan.

Asana has similar pricing model. There you can also choose among several plans:

  • Free

    Is aimed at solo users and junior managers, its purpose is to introduce all functionalities of the system to you

  • Premium

    Its price is $9.99 per month

  • Business

    Is an expanded Premium plan and costs $19.99 per month

  • Enterprise

    Is aimed at corporate use, it includes all functionalities of Business plan and some extra functions that increase security of work in the service and give extra options for monitoring the activity. The cost of this plan of Asana is discussed individually

The pricing policy of Intasker is completely different. One should note that there is no breakdown into plans with different costs and functionalities. Experience has proven that such a breakdown is made to attract a user with a low starting fee and then eventually to make them want to get more functions for a higher price. There’s a promo period and a paid access in Intasker.

  • FREE

    Your team hopes to have full access to the project and all functions, but with 3 projects and 5 team members.

  • from €10 to €15 per month regardless of the size of your team

    New access to the project and all functions without borders for projects and team members.

  Trello Asana Intasker
Deployment Cloud Cloud Dedicated server
Languages Russian, English English English, Українська, Русский
Price for all functionalities $20.83 $19.99 from €10 to €15
Price per user $8.33 $10 Free
Number of users on Free plan 15 5
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