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Intasker is an efficient service tool that will help you increase productivity of an entire project team. Improvement productivity, that is achieved by using the system we offer, will allow you execute essentially big scope of work within a short time without decreasing in its quality.

We offer you not only an easy-to-use system to control overall team productivity and each member’s work individually, our product is an environment for a complex management over all project activities no matter what size your team and the tasks are. How are we ready to help you exactly?

Ways to increase productivity with the help of Intasker

The work of a project team involves a wide range of processes of various types, and fulfilling each of them contributes to achieving a collective goal. And in case the approach to management is right, then you can improve productivity of your employees while fulfilling all the given tasks.

And this is how Intasker system can assist you with that:

  • Intasker

    Get access to all parts of the current project at any time and in any place

    You will be able to timely respond to status change of a particular task, new conditions, client’s comments only by using a device with the Internet connection.

  • Intasker

    Always be in touch with your team

    Available opportunities of communication between all team members will help you to discuss all proposals, solve an encountered problem and settle all current issues in real-time mode.

  • Intasker

    Manage the tasks

    The key reason for decrease in productivity is a wrong management of time between work stages as well as during their execution.

  • Intasker

    Engage clients to collaboration

    Often it takes long to confirm intermediate work results. Using Intasker you can give access to your clients to some project information, e.g. you can offer them to follow progress of a project part personally.

  • Intasker

    Get the necessary reports on current activities and finished tasks

    You will no longer need to waste time for analyzing results, building charts and all possible tables. Intasker helps you get them almost automatically, which surely will boost productivity of yours.

These are only a few possibilities of the product we offer. And you can get them free along with a wide range of other features needed for your activities!

How to increase productivity

In order to achieve more within a short time, one needs to know how to increase your productivity at work. For that several conditions of your activities may be changed, and for most of people they’ve already become common:

  • Refuse multitasking

    Refuse multitasking

    Don’t try to solve many current issues at the same time. In 2009 the researchers from the Stanford University proved that the work is unproductive when new tasks constantly come from outside. Thus, you need to put in hierarchical order the tasks that are to be solved and it’s better to do starting with the most important one. The service we offer will help you do it.

  • Delegate


    If there is an opportunity to assign the task to another person without losing quality and productivity, use it. Besides, to shift the workload between performers will help improve productivity, however for that you need to have a chance to check how busy each of them is now and what is their progress on given tasks execution and to predict whether any difficulties may arise.

  • Pay enough attention to planning

    Pay enough attention to planning

    Productivity of work depends on how clearly it is planned. In order to achieve high results, you need to have a detailed activities plan with a certain sequence, hierarchy and collaboration. You will be able to build a visual work routine in our project management system.

  • Exclude distraction

    Exclude distraction

    The researches prove that a big part of working time is spent on checking emails, posts in social networks and just surfing on the Internet. Also, phone, TV, exterior questions and conversations distract us. By limiting yourself from such negative influence, you will be able to have an essential productivity improve.

Increase your productivity with Intasker - try for free!

We offer you a tool customized for practical use which will help optimize almost whole workflow of project activities. Whereas Intasker system includes a wide range of functionalities and possibilities, it still remains easy-to-use, user-friendly and does not require any particular knowledge and nonetheless it really can increase your productivity. Here are only a few advantages of using Intasker when handling projects of any type:

  • Individual settings of access permission for each invited user
  • A possibility to grant access to your clients to particular project tasks
  • A safe space to store all information about a project, joint discussions and comments, documents and links
  • A wide range of tools for analytical work and reporting
  • A possibility to control financial performance rates and budgeting
  • Convenient planning tools, event calendar with an option for setting group and individual tasks

You can try these and many other tools and see how they really work totally for free, without paying any EUR! New user gets full free access to all functionalities of Intasker - this will help you check all possibilities of our product and make sure about their benefits for you and then come to a well-considered decision about ordering a full access!

Gather a productive team with Intasker

Team productivity depends on each member and upon how honestly and efficiently they do the given tasks and use the available resources. You could evaluate all that with the help of Intasker:

  • follow in real time how employees perform your orders and their progress on doing project tasks

  • timely respond to performers’ questions, new comments and so on thanks to convenient tools for giving feedback

  • control funds spendings on particular work stages

Besides Intasker will help you compose a really efficient team, which would increase productivity by times:

  • Invite to execute your project as many performers as you wish no matter where they are

  • Clearly assign functional duties, set responsibility area for each employee

  • Change performers of particular tasks in real-time mode

  • Set individual access rights for each performer

If needed you can give access to certain sections to the direct project orderer. This will allow them to see work in progress, to introduce adjustments right on the fly, and as the result to encourage productivity improvement of a project team.

Set tasks priorities

As mentioned above, multitasking does not work towards productivity, thus it’s very important to be able to prioritize the active tasks. This will assure you a whole range of benefits:

  • A clear understanding of what should be done in the first place
  • A possibility to assign corresponding performers to the tasks of different types and importance
  • An understanding of which tasks should be done on your own and which ones you can delegate
  • A possibility to set individual timeframes and evaluation criteria for the tasks

All that will let you optimize time expenditure for each work stage and as the result will lead to increasing of your work productivity. And the tools that you get in our system will give you an opportunity to efficiently manage all scope of tasks, no matter how many there are.

Plan your best projects together with Intasker

While drawing up an activities plan, the specialists recommend to stick to the following principles:

  • Purposefulness

    The plan has to become a toll for achieving the main purpose of your work

  • Consistency

    Each section has to be a component of overall action system

  • Complexity

    Each item on the plan has to be more or less co-dependent on other stages

  • Availability

    The content of the activities plan has to correspond to the number of available resources/p>

  • Security

    It’s important to consider and calculate possible risks along with a possibility for an alternative course of events

  • Time

    All components of your plan have to be clearly connected with your available time

Create activities plans with the help of Intasker tools and get a vivid and detailed action program that will make achieving the desired goals much easier!

Join Intasker users’ team today!

Register in Intaster system and get an entire month of free access to all the functionalities! Make sure through practice for free that the tool we offer is useful! And afterwards you will be able to decide whether our product fits your activity.

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    Intasker project was founded in 2017 and more than 400 companies have registered with us so far

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And we have achieved it all for a short period of time, starting from 2017 - the year when our project was founded!