Business planner

Specifics of project work, much less any other kinds of activities, is a vast amount of current and planned tasks. A manager needs not only to keep them all in mind, but also to correctly arrange the process of their completion, to set deadlines in the way that the tasks are not overlapped, to secure the required resources and enough performers for completing them. And this won’t cause any difficulties in simple monotonous activities, but will become much more complicated when arranging teamwork of a big number of employees.


In order not to have any mess in your work and not to miss any task, one should use specialized tools. In particular, a handy helping hand for a project manager or CEO will be an online multifunctional task planner. Such a helper won’t forget any task added there, will timely notify about an upcoming deadline and will enable access to all tasks at any time from any place. One more useful function is a mode of an organizer that will help you assign particular performers to tasks. Essentially such a service may replace a real work office that will always be available.

What one can do in a task planner

Functionalities of a good program for planning, that was developed with taking into account interests of potential users, are really vast. Below are some main tasks which can be completed online almost automatically with the help of such a service:

  • Having all tasks in a handy ToDo list

  • Assigning performers to each of them

  • Building hierarchy of current tasks, visualization of their interconnection

  • Representing all scope of work in a form of a visual chart, that illustrates not only number and volume of tasks but also remaining time for their completion

  • Ensuring convenient conditions for teamwork of a great number of users and an option of configuring access permissions for each of them

  • Intellectual settings of mailout, which allows to optimize the number of messages received from the system and also to notify about all important events

  • Synchronization with the cloud storage, mobile and desktop versions

  • Adding files, links, comments and notes

Task planners are aimed to become professional helpers and personal secretaries for a project manager by ensuring the conditions for completing a big scope of administrative and management work. Herewith the interface and architecture of work environment of such a service have to be intuitively clear and simple - this allows to quickly learn the principles of work with a planner and to integrate it into teamwork.

Moreover, such a service has to have an option of monitoring performers’ work - this will allow the manager to see the progress of each task as well as how much time an employee spends on completing it. When revealing a serious delay at a particular stage, there will be a chance to timely connect extra performers or to replace the people in charge.

One more important function that has to be featured in a task planner, is reporting. After the tasks are completed or when it’s reporting time, a manager has to analyze the efficiency of work of a team and the use of resources, to put together the intermediary results and to illustrate them in a visual form. As a matter of convenience this function has to be added directly into a planner, otherwise problems may occur when transferring data from one service to another.

Productivity improvement with the help of a task planner

Using such services while fulfilling projects may significantly improve overall productivity of the team. This is achieved by various ways:

  • Moving paperwork to electronic format. You won’t need to spend time for searching for the previous records in a notebook, filling in various forms, matching the records done at different times - an online task planner will automatically organize all added information and will ensure convenient conditions for editing it

  • Reducing daily time expenditures for meetings. To distribute tasks, adjust the plan of their completion and request reports from employees may be done remotely with the help of such a service only with a few mouse clicks

  • Ensuring accuracy of completion of all tasks. A structured ToDo list will allow to follow the required order, to avoid overlapping of tasks, and as a result to reduce daily time expenditures

  • A possibility to fulfill a bigger scope of work simultaneously. A business planner will help automate completion of administrative and supervisory tasks, which allows to manage several projects simultaneously

  • Boosting the processes of coordination and adjustment of tasks, as well as of intermediary results. Some task planners allow to connect to teamwork actual project clients, which simplifies cooperation regarding any arising issues

The main advantage of such services lays in the fact that they release us from keeping in mind many tasks and hence reduce a chance of missing some of them.

However, the way how a task planner helps improve productivity of your team and yourself significantly depends on how wide its functionalities are and how easy it is for you to work with it. Also, the cost plays an important role - the necessity to monthly pay huge amounts for subscriptions will reduce the volume of available resources for other tasks. And this may lead to slowing down the process of their completion.

Working online in Intasker task planner

Intasker task planner is characterized by a balance between functionalities, user-friendliness and cost. This is a fully-featured combine for a project manager and for regular users too, where they may get access to a wide array of tools and functions. Below are some of the options Intasker provides:

  • Create as many tasks as possible. Unlike most of other services provided by competitors, this task planner allows to add any number of tasks, add files, notes etc. to them

  • Invite to teamwork the required specialists. With Intasker you won’t need to select among performers the ones who are more useful - you’ll be able to invite to work on a project an unlimited number of users regardless of their location

  • Visualize the ToDo list. Intasker allows to represent the full list of tasks not only in a usual text format, but also in visual Gantt charts. This is a handy analytical tool that illustrates the scope of a task and the remaining time for its completion, as well as overlapping of timelines of different work stages

  • Get access to your project from any part of the world. Intasker supports working on PC or laptop, and on mobile devices too. Moreover, all modifications made online will be synced immediately

  • Configure notifications individually. You may select on your own what notifications to receive, how often and how - they may be sent not only to email address, but also to Telegram

  • Save finances. The cost of access to all functionalities of Intasker task planner makes only from EUR 10. And there are no limits upon created projects, tasks or users invited to teamwork

For new users Intasker offers free access to all functionalities. This isn’t just an illustration of system capabilities, this is an opportunity to try them all on real tasks. During the trial period you’ll be able to create any number of tasks in the system and to add all required performers. It’s a real test drive of the service under field conditions, and it allows to personally evaluate all advantages of using this task planner in your activity.