The price for using all functionalities and capabilities of Intasker is only 15 EUR a month

You pay only 15 EUR a month for any number of invited users and get full access to the functionalities of the service.

Invite an unlimited number of users to collaborate on projects with you
Create any number of projects
Make use of all Intasker functionalities
Enjoy storage space of 25GB reserved for your account
Create a free company


Do I have to pay more for inviting more people?
No. This is one of the key differences of our service from the majority of other group programs: the number of users invited to collaborate doesn’t influence the cost of using and accessing Intasker. It’s 15 EUR, and it won’t change no matter how many users you invite, 5 or 50!
Can we really create as many projects as we wish??
Yes. Intasker allows creating an unlimited number of projects for the same price.
Will be my card automatically charged, when the trial period is over?
No. During registration you don’t need to specify your card details, that is why money won’t be withdrawn automatically. Also, when you use our paid service, the payment won’t be taken without your consent either.
In case we need more than 30 days of free trial, can this period be extended?
Yes, this is possible. Please contact our support team and we will surely consider your request.
If we stop using Intasker, will you refund the money we didn’t spend?
Yes. You can stop using Instasker software at any time without any commissions and fines. In case you paid the subscription for one year, we will return you money for all the unused months, however money for the current month is not returned.
I have other questions, who can I ask?
You are welcome to write to our support team and we will gladly reply to all your questions.