Kanban board

Kanban methodology as a project management technique came into common use in various fields of activities. What is Kanban? First of all, this is a possibility to visualize your work, to make all of its stages clear and simple, and to follow the path starting with setting a task until its completion. The tasks that have to be resolved are shown on a special Kanban board which includes a certain number of columns and step by step they are moved from the first column to the last one.


The most convenient flow of how to use Kanban methodology is using an online board for team work with a chance to have access to current tasks, to immediately editing them, creating reports and to other useful functions. As practice of many big companies shows, a presentation of current activity in such a form is not only visual, but also handy and efficient. And Intasker system allows to evaluate all benefits of Kanban on real tasks of your company. Sign up and get 1 month of free access to all functionalities of the system!

What is a Kanban board needed for?

The key feature of this tool lays in the fact that it helps systemize the scope of work of your team, doesn’t let overtime, and timely reveals weak points. On a working dashboard a certain number of columns are shown and they correspond to certain stages of activity. Classic Kanban methodology uses 3 columns:

  • «To Do» - planned tasks which completion hasn’t started yet

  • «Doing» - tasks that are being completed now

  • «Done» - completed stages that can be presented to a client, shown in a progress report, etc

If needed, the number and titles of columns may be changed - Kanban is flexible enough, which allows to adjust it to various kinds of activity. As a task is being completed, it moves from one column to another one, until it’s fully finished. The basics of this approach to project management lay in the face that classic Kanban has limited number of cards, that’s why each new task can be created only after a previous one is completed. This prevents the performers from being overloaded and general reduction in productivity of work. However, such a limit is not always convenient, especially when working at large-scale projects that require resolving many tasks. And so an online board gives an opportunity to individually define the number of tasks which you have to start working at.

Other advantages of Kanban board are as follows:

  • A possibility to reveal weak points - if tasks are regularly accumulated in a particular column, this highlights the lack of employees or material resources for this stage.
  • Following the order of completing project stages - sorting tasks by their priorities is not always effective, as in some projects there may be several tasks with high priority. Kanban columns allow to place all tasks in a vertical to do list, where high priority tasks are on the top. Besides, you get a chance to immediately change the priority of a task, to delete the old tasks and to add new positions.
  • An opportunity to concentrate on main tasks.
  • Optimization of task setting - performers just take them from a particular column
  • An opportunity to see all scope of work and workload of employees.

Advantages of Intasker when working with Kanban boards

Project management system Intasker includes lots of useful tools, and a fully-featured Kanban board is one of them. The access to it is opened with 1 mouse click, which makes working with this function more convenient.

While developing Kanban tools, we’ve considered basic and real needs and tasks of our clients, and this has been reflected in the following particularities:

  • Create as many tasks as possible

  • Invite an unlimited number of performers

  • Get access to the board with tasks from any place

  • Edit the tasks located on the board with a few mouse clicks

You can evaluate all benefits of using Intasker during a promo-period - each new user gets a month of a full access, when a board works for free. Evaluate usability and particularities of Kanban methodology, as well as of all other tools in Intasker system on your real tasks.
When switching to a paid subscription all results of work, that was done during the trial use, are saved in full.

User options in Intasker when working with Kanban boards

The service offers a wide range of options to each user, including the ones related to using Kanban tools.

Below are the key options:

  • Personal configuration of the number and title of columns

  • Adding any number of task cards

  • Assigning a performer to each card

  • Adding comments and links to each card

  • Effective online project management through effective grading of current tasks in accordance with the needed order of completion

  • Handy options for analyzing each project team member’s efficiency of work

Get an opportunity to see all scope of work in a handy table mode, distribute tasks according to the needed order of completion, control the efficiency of each work stage and timely reveal weak points and lack of resources.
Try for free all capabilities of Kanban methodology and many other project manager’s tools that are offered in Intasker system!