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What is task management? If it’s properly arranged, then it’s a guaranty that the results of employees’ activity will match top managers’ expectations. Otherwise an employee will not be able to feel all responsibility put on them and won’t fully realize what a manager wants to get as the result. In order to set a task for an employee effectively, one should take into account the following aspects:

  • «What?»

    the essence of the task that a manager has to define for themselves at first in order to explain to an employee what result they require

  • «Whom?», «How?»

    functional duties and employee’s role in the current project, their individual features are very important

These days using the online project management software Intasker is a convenient and efficient way of how to manage tasks. Its wide range of tools will help you not forget and not miss any task, even a small one.

You can present tasks in a form of a sequential list with time frames, sort them with a priority, build a Gantt chart visualizing tasks scope and time left for their completion. The content of the tasks can be edited at any time and in any place - you can get access to all Intasker tools both from PC and mobile devices. And convenient communication options will allow you to timely reply to any employees’ questions - this enables solving the arising issues and prevent delays at their beginning stage.

Intasker - start for free!

A wide range of helpful, committed to practical use tools, that were introduced by the Intasker developers, ensures a complex project and task management and control over their execution. Moreover, you can try all opportunities of our system in practice without paying anything:

The special thing about the service we offer is that during a free version period you can use it without any limitations as for the number of created tasks! The system interface is simple enough and easy-to-understand, thus you will be able to learn its features really fast and to start your practical use. If while getting to know the opportunities of our service you have some questions, please feel free to ask our support experts for help.

Key benefits of using task management software

Setting and managing tasks with the help of digital systems provides the project manager with essential benefits:

  • Intasker

    Store all scope of tasks in one place. Intasker interface ensures an easy access to any saved information, moreover it’s securely protected from being lost.

  • Intasker

    Don’t lose even the smallest tasks - a convenient storage structure and representation of information allow to save easily not only main tasks, but also additional ones, client’s comments, discussions with performers, documents, links.

  • Intasker

    Effectively plan all upcoming tasks and define time for their completion - the system includes easy planning tools allowing to effectively divide tasks between employees, to set time frames and other conditions.

  • Intasker

    Prioritize tasks - each work stage may have its own priority level which will give it a corresponding place in activities plan and reports.

  • Intasker

    Improve team productivity - with the help of Intasker tools. For this purpose we offer a lot of tools of different types, starting with an easy chat where you can selectively invite the needed performers to and ending with effective solutions for analyzing the use of work time.

Intasker solutions for task management

Below are only a few ways of how to manage tasks:

  • Compose an individual team for every project and company. You may invite an unlimited number of co-performers and to define scope of activity for each of them, and they will see only the projects they are invited to.

  • Individually configure access permissions in a company as well as in each task it handles. There are 4 categories of access rights to select: "User", "Manager", "Administrator", "Company owner".

  • Create ToDo-lists and separate tasks for each team member. This ensures that a performer will timely receive notifications about modifications in the tasks they are responsible for. Also, it’s possible to configure automatic report mailings "Last events with me" which will make you follow all modifications in the particular performer’s tasks or in separate projects.

  • Time frames for execution may be individually set for each ToDo-list or task. Furthermore, the set deadlines may be displayed in the calendar, and a visual Gantt chart may be built based on them.

  • Your employees can specify the time they actually spent in the comments to each task. This allows to evaluate productivity of all team and particular employees as well as to see whether planning was done right and how precise reports are. You may build a personal chart for each employee to see how much time they spend working - this is needed to control over compliance with the labour laws, to calculate salary, to analyze employees’ workload and to re-assign tasks between them.

  • Add support to the tasks with the necessary documents - they are stored in the memory space reserved for a particular project. And you may set personal access rights for each of the documents - an employee will see only the ones that are required for their work.

  • Get reports on your team productivity - you can configure mailings about the done work at appropriate time. Besides, it’s possible to automatically draw daily reports for each project and for your entire company.

  • Stay in touch with your employees - they can add comments to projects, tasks, ToDo-lists, documents. Intasker also offers easy solutions for editing comments depending on access rights - basic users can edit only their own posts within the next 10 minutes after adding them, and accounts with broad rights can edit entries of other users. Moreover it’s possible to configure email notifications about new comments to particular users, and two letters are sent then and that is why your employees know about a post being edited.

Check these and many other Intasker solutions in practice for free - register in our system now and get free full access!

Testimonials of Intasker users

The users, who have already evaluated all benefits of the service we offer, say the following:

  • A great task tracker for work. Everything is clear enough, informative, and all questions can be solved right when they arise.

  • An efficient work tool for task tracking! It helps visualize and systematize all scope of the current tasks, control progress of their execution, evaluate productivity of the entire team

  • A great task tracker for work. Everything is clear enough, informative, and all questions can be solved right when they arise.

  • We enjoy task tracking here. The process of task management, control over execution, further analytics and reporting is vividly organized.

  • We’ve been using Intasker for over a year now and are happy with this solution. Team and work productivity have essentially increased, while expenditure of time and other resources has decreased.

Intasker today:

  • 400+

    Intasker project was founded in 2017 and more than 400 companies have registered with us so far

  • 100 000+

    More than 100 000 of created tasks

  • 50 000+

    More than 50 000 of successfully closed tasks

  • × 200%

    The number of users, projects and tasks is constantly increasing

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