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At the modern market a key factor of success and competitive strength is a flexible activity, a possibility to quickly adapt to changing conditions. And using corresponding management tools, such as Scrum which has become really popular and in high demand lately, is just necessary. This is not only a list of methods and rules, this is in the first place a way of arranging a team work without using strict restrictions and frames.

Scrum framework is a solution to quickly deliver and upgrade products when market requirements are changing.


Scrum won’t provide you with a strictly controlled workflow, but will ensure a set of rules and according to them the employees will build their working process on their own.

This is the main difference of a framework from a methodology. The latter indicates a certain action plan, e.g. obliges the project manager to analyze the work every Friday.

A framework will allow your team members to define the best workflow for them on their own, and to personally decide how frequently to prepare reports.

Scrum methodology and rules are widely used in all kinds of fields of work where a lot of specialists of different competence should be engaged.

As practice shows, introducing Scrum tools to your activity allows to improve efficiency of team management in any area.

  • Software development

  • Development of websites and web applications

  • Management and administration

  • Project activities almost of all types

This is a paradox, but the fact remains that this framework, which denies traditional management methods, can become a very effective work tool for classic managers. Check Scrum software with the help of our project management system Instasker! The service we offer fully matches Scrum principles and lets you freely choose organizational structure for your projects, provide performers with enough permissions and have complex control over all activities!

Main definitions in Scrum

In order to learn how Scrum methods work, you need to know its terminology at first. This helps simplify the process of framework usage and speed its integration into your team activities.

  • Product Owner

    Invite a needed number of co-performers to the projects and give them individual access permissions

  • Scrum master

    Understanding of Scrum principles by all team members depends on Scrum master, and they are also responsible to arrange effective work, to monitor it internally and to collaborate with all co-performers

  • Scrum Team

    A team of specialists of different competence who fulfill all scope of tasks during product development. The main special thing about Scrum team is that there is no hierarchy of employees there, team members define their tasks by themselves and are collectively responsible for the final result, each performer is in charge of their own area

  • User Story

    A list of requirements to the final product from the users’ point of view

  • Product Backlog

    A complex of User Story with prioritized conditions

  • Sprint

    Work by Scrum rules consists of separate cycles - sprints that usually last from 1 to 4 weeks and include a particular list of tasks - backlog. From the results of each sprint a final result is achieved - a part of a program, a website section etc.

  • Scrum board

    Scrum boards online help visualize teamwork, allow to divide tasks into Done, Doing and To Do. Also, it’s possible to prioritize tasks on a board. And by using Intasker you have a chance to see how a free online scrum board looks and works.

  • Daily Scrum

    Regular team meetings are held in the office or through a virtual chat in order to discuss work results of a previous day, planning for a current day, and emerged difficulties.

  • Product increment

    An intermediate result after a sprint.

A more detailed information about Scrum can be found in the fundamental ‘Scrum guide’ that is translated into many languages. There you could find answers to all questions about using this framework in your activity!

Intasker is a Scrum project management software for your team

The service we offer will help you easily and effectively integrate Scrum principles into your work! Use its vast tools for arranging your team activities, control and management. Here are only a few possibilities of Intasker where free Scrum tools are implemented:

  • Create a team of specialists of various competence

    You can invite to project plan and execution an unlimited number of performers, each of them will get their individual responsibilities and functions

  • Make ToDo-lists where you can set priorities and deadlines to the tasks

    Use them as tracking for building an efficient work system

  • Use wide range of communication software between all members of your team

    For this Intasker has a fully-featured chat, an option of adding comments to the projects, their sprints and subtasks, of attaching documents and links

  • Arrange daily scrums in the most comfortable way

    Intasker will help you ensure communication in real time between all your team members no matter where they are

  • Estimate staff time

    Get a possibility to optimize your team productivity

The project management software Intasker provides each member of your team with a possibility to work independent of other specialists, with the extended powers and a great set of work tools and access permissions.

At the same time you get a chance to closely monitor all aspects of activities of your team and each member, to timely change tasks, re-assign them between performers and adjust deadlines. All is exactly the way Scrum requires, away from traditional management base Intasker offers a wide range of solutions for effective project management!

Check all Intasker features totally for free!

The service we offer contains all necessary tools which will help you optimize your team activities regardless its size:

  • Assign roles and functions between the employees

  • Create any number of tasks, set for them individual conditions and time frames

  • Monitor progress of every task in real-time mode

  • Define priority for every task

  • Visualize your goals and plans with the help of Gantt chart and easy-to-use calendar

  • Configure email notifications and reminders - and your employees won’t miss any important event!

The most important thing that Intasker offers you is flexible management which fully corresponds to the Scrum principles!

By using our system you will be able to timely change content and conditions of tasks, re-assign tasks between performers, monitor their productivity. And it’s great that you can visually see the result of every task execution and this is what matches Scrum work principles.

We offer you an opportunity to check all functionalities of our system in practice while solving your current tasks! You just sign up in Intasker and get free full access.

Within the trial period you have access to all tools available in the system, and you may:

  • Invite any number of employees, give them individual access permissions and functional duties
  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Create any number of tasks in projects, configure the necessary details and conditions for them
  • Build visual reports
  • Make To-Do-lists that are an alternative to Scrum sprints, and other options

And you have a chance to check all these functionalities without paying any EUR! This proposal will help you evaluate all possibilities you could get by integrating Intasker into your activity. Just see for yourself how useful it is and then make a well-considered decision about ordering a paid subscription which will allow you to take advantage of all Intasker functions on a long-term basis!

How can you use Scrum methods in Intasker?

There are many ways of how to integrate Scrum principles into your work with the help of Intasker, but let us name a few:

  • Intasker

    Make ToDo-lists with the tasks and their deadlines

    Such lists will be alternatives of sprints from which work in Scrum consists. For each list of tasks you can set certain time frames and employees responsible for execution. You can configure email notifications to them so that they are always aware about all modifications in their tasks. Each sprint can be commented, what allows to timely adjust the given tasks.

  • Intasker

    Fill in ToDo-lists with the tasks of particular priority

    You can assign one or more responsible performers to each task and set deadlines. Employees can leave comments to each task and they will reflect the actual time they spent to complete a particular sprint. Based on this information it would be easy for you to effectively analyze productivity of workflow.

  • Intasker

    Visualize work stages, their priority and work in progress with the help of informative and visual Gantt chart

    This is an easy-to-use tool of graphic representation of work volume, priority of each stage, sequence of their completion and interconnection between them.

Some statistics

Today Intasker is a rapidly growing service and many users have already checked its features

  • 400+

    Intasker project was founded in 2017 and more than 400 companies have registered with us so far

  • 100 000+

    As of today our users have created more than 100 000 tasks

  • 50 000+

    More than 50 000 tasks have been completed successfully

  • × 200%

    The number of users, projects and tasks is constantly increasing.

Intasker audience is growing and the offered functionalities are expanding. Join us and try all options of our project management system for free!